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"Revamping Roth Bar & Grill: What Changes Can We Expect at Hauser & Wirth?"

We're fans of the farm shop at the Hauser & Wirth, particular it's award-winning butcher. So for the past two Sundays we have been heading there to buy our Sunday lunch fayre. Today, we picked up a yummy rack of lamb, some kale which we boiled and then blitzed in a blender with garlic, carrots which we honeyed, and some potatoes to create a potato boulangerie. Yum. Every time we've been we've wondered why the main restaurant, the Roth Bar & Grill, at Hauser & Wirth is closed and how long it is closed for. Now, we know. A little bird told us that the restaurant is being completely transformed in a major makeoever to resemble the style of Hauser & Wirth's hotel in Braemar, Scotland, the fabulous Fife Arms, which has a wonderful, relaxed and comfortable feel and is filled with great art. We can't wait to see the result and will post images here.

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