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Our Statuesque Home
Our Parking Facilities
Let It Snow
Gibs's Room
Gibs's Ensuite
Gibs's Ensuite
Gibs Ensuite Shower
Top Floor Bathroom
Ali's Bedroom
Polly & Barnabys
Polly & Barnaby's Room
Polly & Barnaby's Room
Jasper's Twin
The Bathroom Hallway
The Servant's Bell Still Works
Through The Looking Glass
Melanie & Martin
Walkies On The Hill
Luxuriating In Lavender
Ali's Bedroom View
The view from our hill
Lodge Hill
Winter sun streaming in through the wind
Artisan Bread
Croissants and pain chaucolat
Spiced Blueberry compote
Bread and marmalade anyone?
This Isn't For You
Gooseberries from the garden
Sink detail
Annie Tempest Sculpture
Part of our hat collection
Flowers From The Garden
Flowers From The Garden
The Drawing Room
Our Kitchen Trophy
Our Kitchen Snug
The Terrace At The Back
Mine's A Gin & Tonic!
White Park Cattle
The fields at the back
Sunset On Lodge Hill
Ducks On Cary's Horsepond
Bluebell Time
Martin's favourite flower
One of Martin's follies
A sunset behind the house
Enough Said
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